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The Illiana Hummer Club started out as a few local Hummer owners that would get together on weekends for dinner or an off-roading trip to the "Badlands" in Attica, IN. As time went by, the small group of friends grew, so we got organized and became a club. The I.H.C. started doing regular events from parades, car shows,fundraisers, and charity events to local and national off-roading events.

We have a full schedule of events for 2010 and look forward to a very productive year. Also, we are working with a few other non-profit organizations to raise money and awareness to benefit local children and camps.
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The Illiana HUMMER Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and enjoyment of the HUMMER vehicle(s) as well as volunteer support for the communities in which we live. This is accomplished through the use of our HUMMER vehicles (HMMWV, H1, H2, & H3) in a high quality, controlled, & family oriented environment. I.H.C. members (located from Chicago & Kankakee, IL to South Bend & Indianapolis, IN and everywhere in between) are dedicated to promoting happier experiences to children with handicaps & disadvantages as well as providing specialized Search & Rescue services to local emergency & law enforcement agencies. By working with other community organizations & non-profit groups, the IHC provides opportunities for children, families, & communities that may have otherwise been unobtainable.

How it Began
The Illiana HUMMER Club was un-officially formed in 1999 when two HUMMER owners (Manny Navarro & Mark Price) met at a gas station one evening and exchanged business cards. They met other owners in & around the Chicagoland areas & planned occasional off-roading trips to the Badlands in Attica, IN as well as provided occasional emergency assistance to local police & fire agencies. With a little over 10 HUMMER owners, the formation of something big was on the horizon.

In 2002, GM introduced the H2 & that's when this expanding group of owners decided to form what's now known as the Illiana HUMMER Club. To do this right, the IHC needed sponsorship. Manny & Mark approached several businesses in the area, which turned out to be very successful. Schepel HUMMER in Merrillville, IN was one of the first to sign on to supporting the club & helped bring new members into the fold. Now, with over 100 members from Chicago to Kankakee, IL to South Bend & Indianapolis, IN (and all communities in between), IHC members are part of the most active HUMMER organization on the planet!

The Illiana HUMMER Club continues to grow in both membership & activities.  Members of the IHC can participate in any/all of the following activities…

    • Off-roading (locally & nationally)
    • Parades
    • Car Shows
    • Disaster Training  (CERT, FBI, FEMA/DHS, etc…)
    • Promotional Events
    • Community Events (National Night Out, Food & Coat Drive, etc…)
    • Meetings/BBQ’s
    • Off-road/Repair/Maintenance Clinics

    From mild to wild, events are organized to meet any HUMMER owner’s level of interest & comfort.  With 2-3 events per month, it’s never a matter of what to do; it’s a matter of what you want to do.  This event planning approach, no IHC HUMMER owner can ever grow old with their skills or enjoyment of their HUMMER vehicle.

    The ILLIANA HUMMER CLUB is the most active HUMMER organization on the planet!!

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2013 Board of Directors
Mark Price
Manny Navarro
In Memoriam
Ken Barlo

Mike Kornaus
Vice President

Jody Schneider

Jeff Hickman

J. Brown
Executive Board Member

Lenny Pulliam
Executive Board Member

Calvin Perdue
Executive Board Member

Al Verduszco
Executive Board Member

Michele Steele
Multimedia Coordinator

Drew Gerhart
Social Networks Coordinator

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